Special Counsel and (205) 410-1494

While Balch attorneys were foolishly attempting to claim the single phone number that connects the alleged co-conspirators in the Burt Newsome case was from a telemarketer,   we had been in touch via phone and email with the Office of the Special Counsel of the U.S. Department of Justice following up on our correspondence from late May about Balch’s Russian sanctions website scrub.

We let Mueller’s office know about Balch & Bingham’s latest troubles: the $360,000 Alabama bribery scheme;   the FBI investigation in Mississippi; and of course Burt Newsome’s smoking gun: the single phone number that connects all the co-conspirators who allegedly targeted him, allegedly had him falsely arrested, and allegedly defamed him— (205) 410-1494.

We closed our latest email to Mueller’s office by declaring:

“Our message to you is Balch should not and cannot be trusted because they appear to be engaged in a pattern of deceptive and unscrupulous conduct on a regular basis.”

Who can honestly disagree with that?