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A Year Later: A Prelude, Not an Aftermath, as Southern Company Faces the Music

A year ago, the embattled CEO of Alabama Power Mark A. Crosswhite was ousted in disgrace. The surveillance efforts and scandalous acts of the Southern Company criminal enterprise were exposed in the public arena.

A few days after the announcement, we, the CDLU, received anonymously spreadsheets and documents outlining how Southern Company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the summer of 2020 attacking us, the family of our CEO, K.B. Forbes, and Burt Newsome and his family.

Both Forbes’ and Newsome’s young children were targeted and at times cried in fear by the foolish acts paid for Southern Company.

Newsome’s and Forbes’ children targeted.

Southern Company’s campaign of fear and intimidation worked: the Forbes family fled their home, and Newsome had to hire and install new security and safety measures.

In recent days, speaking to insiders and seasoned law enforcement officials, Crosswhite’s resignation was not an aftermath but a prelude of what is coming down the pike.

Southern Company is facing the music.

Last month, the whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2018 over Southern Company’s boondoggle Kemper Plant in Mississippi was unsealed.

It took 5 years for the big reveal, but the chickens have come home to roost.

Insiders and officials say that more federal probes are in the works, confirming what we wrote last month: “The Southern Company Criminal Enterprise is being held accountable, and the investigations currently underway areĀ deep, massive in nature, and slowly coming together.

Matrix, Balch & Bingham, Alabama Power, and their goons appear to be in the middle of this firestorm.

The long-ago Newsome Conspiracy Case, from a decade ago, ended with a $242,000 judgment against Burt Newsome, but cost Balch & Bingham between $40 and $100 million in clients and fees in the aggregate.

Now Balch’s sister-wife, Southern Company maybe on the hook for billions in fines, liabilities, and regulatory settlements for, in part, partaking in the foolish criminal acts against Newsome and his family that had no corporate purpose whatsoever.

We now ask Southern Company the same question we asked Balch: Have you lost your minds?


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