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Balch & Bingham’s Humiliation

Who would want Balch & Bingham to represent them if Balch cannot bring legal matters to a close for the firm itself after 8 long years?

So seriously, Balch & Bingham’s brilliant defenders thought the best tactic would be to try to smear an organization that has spurred multiple Civil Rights, state and local investigations, and three U.S. Congressional hearings by allegedly buying some fake protesters, a couple of yellow journalists, and a controversial “burn down Hoover” rabble-rouser?

Balch’s humiliation has spurred hearty chuckles and gossipy whispers from coast to coast. From prestigious mega law firms to small two-partner firms, the legal chattering class is on fire.

But what about the African-American community? What do they feel after reading about the buffoons protesting the wrong family in a fake demonstration?

As an African-American leader in Jefferson County told us:

Balch & Bingham don’t care about Black people. Their lack of concern for the safety of Black people is displayed in North Birmingham and the [alleged] hiring of these people to go into this neighborhood during these times with poor information. Given the times we’re in, this was an extremely dangerous move.

An African-American resident of North Birmingham told us:

Some neighbors I spoke to were wondering why they did this when we have race problems. The incident is very shocking and very hurtful.  With COVID-19 adding over 1,000 cases a day in Alabama, we should be helping frontline workers and the sick,  worrying about the elderly and the vulnerable. We should be acting peaceful, showing love instead of terrorizing families. They went out on a hot day, during  July 4th, a national holiday, to be hurting someone instead of helping others. They should have been home with their families.

Another Birmingham African-American offered some advice to Balch:

What goes around comes around.  Balch should keep their circle positive. Speak good words. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds.

No love, no peace, no good deeds?

Balch & Bingham’s foolish leadership appears to want to play strong-arm bully instead of quietly resolving the matters at hand or apologizing to the North Birmingham African-American community.

Now Balch appears to have been severely hurt by this uncontrolled stupidity, this embarrassing cluster on July 4th.

A well-respected attorney tight in Birmingham circles told us that Balch’s competitors are allegedly “raiding” Balch’s clients.

How could this be?

Balch’s reputation allegedly appears to be in shambles. Beyond the criminal conviction of Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert two years ago, the alleged elderly exploitation scandal rocked the firm this past May.

In addition, Balch’s conduct of dragging out the Newsome Conspiracy Case for 8 years has become a tattooed black-eye for the firm.

Who would want Balch & Bingham to represent them if Balch cannot bring legal matters to a close for the firm itself after 8 long years?

Instead of sending stooges to terrorize the wrong family and create another law enforcement probe, Balch defenders should have provided resources like fresh produce to the for-free pop-up markets in North Birmingham that happen almost every Saturday.

Working to help the African-American community instead of using or abusing them would have been the smart move, the good deed Balch defenders should have undertaken.

In closing, we, the CDLU, want to take a moment to thank Balch & Bingham, seriously.

Without Balch, we would have not become intensely involved with the African-American communities of North Birmingham, Vincent, and other areas of Alabama. We have built friendships based on respect, concern, and most importantly, love.

After Monday’s post, we heard from a leading African-American activist in Alabama:

Continue we shall. Continue we shall indeed.


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