Justice and Inherent Goodness Shall Prevail

With the despicable hunting and murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, the spotlight on racism, corruption, favoritism, dirty cops, inert prosecutors, and Southern transgressions is erupting.

Just like the idiots who attempt to justify the murder of Maud because he entered a construction site for a few minutes, we have seen idiots in Alabama attempt to justify the alleged targeting of poor blacks in toxic, polluted North Birmingham as a fight against “government overreach.”

How about the alleged horrific use of a well-connected cop to arrest Burt Newsome? Balch & Bingham declared in court documents it had the “right to ruin a rival.”

Or how about allegedly lying to the executive of a top client? Balch & Bingham declared it “owed no duty” to David Roberson, the former Drummond executive facing a literal death sentence in federal prison because of Balch’s alleged deception.

It took over two months for the video of Arbery’s murder to be leaked.

We have been investigating Balch & Bingham for over three years.

Justice and inherent goodness shall prevail.

Like many of you, we, too, were hunkered down for over nine weeks, but our work has continued. We, the CDLU, were educating and assisting families impacted by COVID-19. Our healthcare work is vital to underserved communities.

We have much to write about: alleged corruption, current investigations, Balch blunders, and more. We will post a couple items every week as time permits. Please be sure to check in regularly.

We hope you and yours are well in these pandemic times.