More Clients Flee Balch & Bingham; JeffCo Sheriff’s Office Terminates Balch

According to, Balch & Bingham has been terminated by two lobbying clients in D.C. this past week.

H.H. Technologies out of Cullman County dumped the firm Tuesday, according to Politico. A smaller client, H.H. paid Balch $50,000 in 2012 and 2013 according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

But more damaging, the Jefferson County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office gave Balch the boot, too, after paying the firm over $1 million since 2005.

Balch & Bingham had a close relationship with Sheriff Mike Hale who lost in the election last November.

Hale was funded by Balch affiliated entities and clients.

As we wrote over a year ago about the questionable contributions to State Senator Rodger Smitherman, the husband of Balch stooge Judge Carole Smitherman:

BIPAC is run by Clark D. Fine, a former attorney at Balch & Bingham.

On November 15, 2017, BIPAC received $10,000 from Drummond, whose executive was indicted along with two Balch partners in September in the Oliver Robinson Bribery Scandal.

The next day, two $5,000 checks were cut: one to Smitherman, and the second to the re-election campaign of Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale.

Was it a “pay through” donation, or not?

As Balch & Bingham continues to be terminated, laughed about, mocked, and investigated, their number one client, Alabama Power and its CEO Mark Crosswhite are under intense pressure to terminate or modify the relationship.

The honorable and professional Balch & Bingham partners need to demand changes from management starting with a public apology for convicted felon Joel I. Gilbert’s deplorable conduct against the African-American residents of North Birmingham, and an end to the Newsome Conspiracy Case, which started over 7 years ago.

As a respected elder of the legal community in Alabama told us, “Balch will not survive this.”