becomes Hot Read at Balch

Our sources at Balch & Bingham tell us that Balch this morning has been searching and reading through our blog posts for hours now.

We also learned that last Sunday evening a Balch partner was in the office in Biringham allegedly reviewing our news posts about the criminal trial and Star Chamber.

Sunday night overtime to read a blog or is there more to the story?

While Gilbert and McKinney may be convicted, Balch can easily fire them and hire new associates.

The bigger concern we are told is the Newsome Conspiracy Case in which Balch allegedly tried to squash a competitor for his business. This case is more complicated than debating if a state legislator engaged in official acts because of a lucrative Balch contract.

Our sources also tell us that numerous lawyers out of Atlanta, Jacksonville, Montgomery, and other locations that Balch has offices in are reading our blog after hours.

Is this a sign of things to come? Another exodus?

Instead of re-reading our blog, Balch associates should be demanding a change of leadership that adheres to the highest professional conduct or find a firm that does.