HealthSouth Terminates Balch as DC Lobbyists reports that HealthSouth Corporation (now called Encompass Health), the largest rehabilitation services company in the nation, has terminated Balch & Bingham as their DC lobbyists.

This is earth-shattering news in Birmingham, as Encompass Health is one of the top companies in the region.

The hemorrhaging at Balch continues.

Last June, the office of Encompass CEO Mark Tarr asked us to email Patrick Darby, General Counsel at Encompass, and Justin Hunter, Vice-President of Public Policy, immediately and directly.

We did.

We encouraged them to call on Balch & Bingham to change their alleged unscrupulous and criminal behavior.

Today we told Darby and Hunter:

“Thank you for making an honorable decision. Balch & Bingham appears to have become a third-party risk to their clients. We hope now Balch will come to their senses and apologize to the African-American community in North Birmingham and settle the Burt Newsome Conspiracy Case.”