Balch’s Stooge, Luther Strange, Under Scrutiny

Ex-U.S. Senator Luther Strange, one of the biggest stooges for Balch & Bingham, is under scrutiny this morning after a public records request by the Alabama Media Group shows that Strange’s letter submitted to the EPA opposing the placement of North Birmingham on the national priorities list may have been ghost-written by lawyers at Balch & Bingham.

An act of environmental racism, Balch and their goons appear to have suppressed African-Americans from having their toxic and contaminated property tested in North Birmingham. Two Balch partners were indicted last September  in a bribery scheme tied to the suppression of Blacks.

North Birmingham has a population that is 92.5% African-American and the actions by Strange and others demonstrate what looks like blatant institutional racism against poor, black residents.

As we pointed out in a post in September, Strange also trampled on the Civil Rights of  Burt Newsome in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, by filing a cut and paste job to resurrect the expunged and bogus criminal case against Newsome.

We wonder if the local Shelby County judge and Strange also had a helping hand from a ghost-writer or two.

With corrupt baggage and thrown overboard by voters, Strange, who is currently job hunting in Washington, D.C., is unfit to serve any law firm, be it Venable, Balch & Bingham, or Maynard Cooper & Gale.