Black Hall Aerospace and Oleg Sirbu

[Paul Daigle, Ex-CEO of Black Hall Aerospace Indicted 11/17/2020. Read Update here.]

We received an email from Paul Daigle of the Russian-linked aerospace company Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a AAL USA, Inc.

Last March, Balch & Bingham scrubbed all website references to successfully changing Russian sanctions on behalf of the aerospace company just weeks after we exposed Balch’s connection to Black Hall.

Daigle wrote:

“I am the majority owner of Black Hall Aerospace and, based on some of your posts, I believe you have been given some misleading and flat-out false information about Black Hall Aerospace. I left the U.S. Army as a Captain after flying Apache attack helicopters on many combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have given my working life to supporting the United States and its men and women in uniform. In your January 25 post, you describe Oleg Sirbu as ‘the owner of Black Hall.’  That statement is demonstrably false and whoever led you to believe that Oleg Sirbu has any ownership interest in Black Hall Aerospace gave you misinformation.”

Mr. Daigle, who kindly invited us to visit their facilities in Huntsville, appears to be bothered that we linked the company to Oleg Sirbu, although there is nothing in his email outlining or discussing anything else that could be “flat-out false.”

In our response email, we replied:

“Thank you for your email Mr. Daigle.  We appreciate your service to our country and taking the time to write to us.  However, the issue of ownership is being fought in court currently. That is why we list the entity as Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a/ AAL USA, Inc. (or vice-versa.) We met with Oleg Sirbu’s legal team at Burr Forman last February 28th who were upset we called AAL USA, Inc. a/k/a/ Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a Russian-linked aerospace company. As we pointed out to them your employment agreement with AAL Group Ltd.  [a former parent company] clearly said mediation would be conducted in the UAE either in English or Russian.”

The questions that we (and others) now have are:

Who at Balch or on the Trump campaign picked the Russian-linked company as the venue in 2016 for the endorsement of then-candidate Trump by Jeff Sessions?  What did Balch & Bingham promise to do for Black Hall Aerospace a/k/a AAL USA? Who did Daigle meet with on Capitol Hill and over at the U.S. Department of Defense while lobbying for a change to Russian sanctions in 2014 and 2015? Did then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions or his staff assist Black Hall anytime between 2014 and 2016?