Stiers Jumps Ship; Firms Terminating Balch & Bingham as Lobbyists

[UPDATE: quotes Stiers as saying, “The Balch platform is great for energy and environmental issues but my portfolio doesn’t sync with that.” Come on! Stiers worked for Balch for 20 years, and he just figured out he was out of sync? We actually think bribery allegations, federal indictments, criminal conspiracies, and website scrubs didn’t sync with Stiers.]

William F. Stiers, the Balch lobbyist whose resume and website profile were scrubbed of any references to successfully changing Russian sanctions in March, has jumped ship.

Stiers is now working for another Alabama law firm, Maynard Cooper.

In late June, we wrote emails to all of Balch & Bingham lobbying clients begging them to take a stand.

“What you have…is the power to provide a voice: a voice to those poor African-Americans in North Birmingham, a voice for people like Burt Newsome who were treated with apparent injustice. We want to ask you or your employee in charge of government affairs to please call or email M. Stanford Blanton the Managing Partner at Balch…and ask him to bring an end to this alleged unscrupulous behavior. Let him know  that [your firm] does not want to be associated with this type of behavior at any level, no matter how professional or productive Balch’s lobbyists may be.”

On October 19, 2017 , reported that four Balch clients who we wrote to,  Alfalit International, Blue Origin, Quantum Research, and Radiance Technologies, terminated Balch.

With Black Hall Aerospace terminating in June, that means half of Balch’s paying lobbying clients have thrown Balch & Bingham overboard this year.

Looks like Stiers had had enough and was able to provide an example for the partners, clients, and others hurt by the scandals surrounding Balch.

Maybe he now can provide an inside perspective to federal investigators.