Balch in Meltdown; New Sheriff in Town

Kudos to the  new U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama Jay E. Town (pictured) who made it unequivocally clear to Balch & Bingham that their participation in a $360,000 bribery scheme to suppress poor African-Americans from testing their toxic and contaminated property (involving corrupt politician Oliver Robinson) won’t be sidelined and the culprits at even the highest levels of power will be brought to justice.

In a statement yesterday after Robinson officially pled guilty, Town articulated:

“This lamentable pursuit of self-interest masquerading as beneficial for the little guy is more than a violation of our laws. This was a violation of the public trust and among the worst breaches of our social contract,” Town said. “All those engaged in public corruption must be brought to justice, and it matters not their benefactor or station.”

Our sources tell us that Balch & Bingham partners were in a nervous meltdown yesterday. None of their Southern charm or powerful connections can save them now.

From the Smithermans to Black Hall Aerospace, from Balch’s Star Chamber to Schuyler Allen Baker Jr.’s contributions to BIZPAC, Town should investigate every alleged criminal, unscrupulous, and unprofessional act conducted by Balch & Bingham including the possible violation of Civil Rights of the African-Americans in North Birmingham and of Burt Newsome.

Maybe it’s time to dust off the RICO Act.