Falsity! Not Telemarketers! Balch & Bingham Flips Out

Balch & Bingham appears to have now done a 180 degree flip right into a larger manure lagoon.

With Balch & Bingham under the scrutiny of two federal investigations (one in Alabama and the other in Mississippi),  will scrutiny now extend to New Jersey?

When we wrote to Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III on May 18th, besides Balch’s ties to the Russia-linked aerospace company Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a AAL USA, Inc., we asked him to look at two possible issues arising from the investigation (which Mueller can investigate under his charge).

One of them was the case of Burt Newsome and his Civil Rights.

The victim, Burt Newsome, a small-town attorney in Alabama, was allegedly wrongly targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed by the alleged co-conspirators (defendants). This was allegedly in retaliation for prosecuting a man who pulled a gun on Newsome. The alleged co-conspirators include Balch & Bingham which allegedly had an alternative objective: to obtain Newsome’s lucrative banking collections business.

The alleged co-conspirators had fought releasing detailed phone records but in late June Newsome’s legal team received them, combed through them, and found that all defendants were connected through the prepaid Verizon cell number (205) 410-1494. The conspiracy was confirmed because of that number; that number is the key witness in this alleged conspiracy.

The night before Newsome’s false arrest, there appears to have been a 32-minute conversation on that phone line. Corrupt law enforcement may have been involved.

A truly embarrassing moment, Balch & Bingham attorneys foolishly alleged in open court in July that the calls were all from a telemarketer  —acknowledging that the co-conspirators are all linked to a single cell phone number.

The apparent laughing-stock of the chattering class in Birmingham, Balch & Bingham appears to have now done a 180 degree flip right into a larger manure lagoon.

Last week, a filing including a highly questionable Calera (Alabama) Police Department document, we began seeing the alleged narrative that the (205) 410-1494 number was not a cell phone but a “routing switch.”

During the latter part of last week, it looked like Verizon’s records of the cell number were inaccessible (allegedly due to law enforcement.) Then a notice of a questionable deposition with a Verizon corporate representative (occurring with NO SUBPOENA and less than 48 hours’ notice) was filed on Thursday afternoon.

According to Alacourt.com, NO subpoena for Verizon was ever filed with the court.

After the sealed deposition with Verizon took place on Monday July 31st, Balch filed a motion to dismiss Newsome’s  amended complaint calling the cell phone number allegation a “falsity” and the judge, this week,  without a hearing, signed the order.

In less than a week, the key witness— (205) 410-1494— was assassinated, cremated, and buried. Slam dunk or can you say the fix was in?

The video-taped sealed deposition supposedly took place at a Regus Center (a rent by the hour office space facility) in Bedminster, New Jersey (pictured above) not far from Verizon at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on Monday, July 31st.

That raised a huge red flag because Verizon has the facilities and technology to do depositions on their premises.

We wrote to Special Counsel Mueller yesterday and gave him a detailed update of this situation and what we believe to be a “gross injustice in the making.”  We hope the following questions are answered by criminal investigators:

Was the July 31st Verizon deposition in New Jersey bogus or not and if the person testifying was truly a person sanctioned to do so or not?

Was the person testifying truly who he or she said they were or could it have been an imposter?

Is corrupt law enforcement working with the co-conspirators across state lines?

Have records and information stored about the prepaid cell number 205-410-1494 internally at Verizon been intentionally manipulated, changed, modified, or destroyed?

If you call the alleged “routing switch,” you will hear a recording that says that the Verizon wireless number “has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service.”

As Balch continues to hemorrhage from their  scandals,  the Verizon affair appears to be on the verge of erupting; and like Mount Vesuvius,  the consequences could be fatal.