Balch Slaps Newsome’s Wife with Subpoena

While the acting U.S. Attorney in North Alabama makes it a “priority” to investigate an unnamed Balch & Bingham partner in the $360,000 Alabama bribery scandal and the FBI scrutinizes Balch invoices in Mississippi, Balch has decided to slap the wife of the victim of an alleged conspiracy with a subpoena.

As we have noted, Burt Newsome was wrongly targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed.  Now his wife, a mother of four young children, is being targeted.

Why would Balch want to drag Newsome’s wife into their manure lagoon? Have they lost their minds?

Because of us: the CDLU.  Our organization appears to have caused Balch great internal turmoil and they want to see what correspondence or communications she may have had with us.

The answer is none. Zero. Zilch.

When we learned of the plight of Burt Newsome last year, we decided to take this travesty of injustice head on.

Balch’s “strategic” subpoena  reminds us of our work when we championed the  victims of sexual assault at an adult day care center in California known as Healthy Start.

These developmentally disabled adult children were raped and sodomized by Juan Fernando Flores (pictured) while inept government agencies did nothing.

During the course of the case, the brilliant attorneys for Healthy Start allegedly wanted to “strategically” depose these traumatized victims (most of whom had a mental capacity of a 5 year-old) and eventually put them on the stand.

Relive the horror again and again, why don’t you?

Because of CDLU’s loud voice, that strategy never happened and the facility was permanently shut down. The case, independent of us, was settled out of court.

The Newsome case is no different: an injustice being glorified and justified with strategic legal maneuvers, yet the lawyers cannot see that the walls are crumbling around them.