We Were Wrong

Balch & Bingham’s manure lagoon is beginning to crack open.

Since we began this effort to have Balch end alleged unscrupulous behavior and conduct a top-to-bottom review, we believed that Balch & Bingham’s alleged involvement in the Burt Newsome case may have been limited to professional misconduct and defamation, when a partner at Balch regularly emailed Newsome’s clients including sending them Newsome’s embarrassing mugshot from the false arrest.

But we were wrong.

Phone records in a new amended complaint appear to show how Balch’s partner may have been heavily involved  in the conspiracy: the alleged set up and confrontation with John W. Bullock;  the false arrest; and apparent coordination after Newsome filed his suit against them.

More explosive: even though they have repeatedly denied they knew each other, phone records link all the defendants to a single phone number, the switchboard of egregious and unconscionable conduct.

Did the defendants, their lawyers or Balch knowingly mislead the court? Did any of them engage in perjury?

Balch & Bingham’s manure lagoon is beginning to crack open.

Please take a moment to read the amended complaint.

Other Balch attorneys, partners, staff, and clients must demand from management an end to this type of alleged misconduct.