The $360,000 Bribery Conspiracy Against Poor African-Americans

Amplifying their alleged unscrupulous conduct,  a partner at the embattled law firm  of Balch & Bingham was allegedly involved in a bribery scheme that funneled money to an  alleged corrupt politician, Oliver Robinson, according to the (Alabama Media Group).

Robinson, who entered a plea agreement on June 22, 2017 to federal bribery, conspiracy, fraud, and tax evasion charges,   allegedly suppressed and discouraged  African-Americans from testing their property for toxic and contaminated property. Balch funneled $360,000 to Robinson.

From Columnist John Archibald of

“Conspiracy. Bribery. Fraud.

“Three ugly words. And they aren’t even strong enough. Not nearly. What former Alabama Rep. Oliver Robinson was charged with today – what he agreed to plead guilty to – is taking filthy money. From polluters and their lackeys.

“To keep poor people – mostly poor black people in and around his own district – from having the toxins pulled from the ground beneath them. There has to be a special circle of Hell for that. A poor, polluted circle of Hell, where some horned devil convinces you to trust him, and then makes you live on a pile of poison for eternity.”


“Former Alabama Rep. Oliver Robinson has entered into a plea agreement to federal bribery, conspiracy, fraud, and tax evasion charges that he received bribes through his foundation from a coal company and [Balch & Bingham] law firm to advocate against EPA efforts to expand the number of polluted areas slated for cleanup in and around north Birmingham. According to a court document, Robinson has been charged with conspiracy, bribery, honest services wire fraud, three other counts of wire fraud, and tax evasion.

“As part of the overall strategy, Balch & Bingham paid Robinson, through his non-profit foundation, to represent Balch & Bingham’s and its clients’ interests, exclusively, in matters related to EPA’s actions in North Birmingham. Over the course of the contract in 2015 and 2016, Balch & Bingham paid $360,000 to the foundation.”

From the Associated Press:

“‘This case gets at the heart of public corruption in Alabama,’ Acting U.S. Attorney Robert O. Posey said in a statement. He called it an example of a public official taking the side of those who pay him over those who elected him. ‘Here a public official betrayed his community to advocate for those who polluted their neighborhoods,’ Posey said.”