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Balch & Bingham’s Prophylactic Hypocrisy

In February of 2015, when the Newsome Conspiracy Case was at its infancy, Balch and alleged other co-conspirators vehemently fought the sealing of the case. Balch attorneys wrote at the time: “While Plaintiffs couch their motion as a prophylactic measure to ‘protect’ the reputations of the attorneys involved in this lawsuit, neither Cooper or B&B … Continue reading Balch & Bingham’s Prophylactic Hypocrisy

Balch & Bingham’s Biggest Stooge: U.S. Senator Luther Strange

The Newsome case exemplifies a despicable act of injustice, an abuse of the judiciary branch for financial and political gain. We have reached out to federal authorities and have asked them to investigate U.S. Senator Luther Strange’s involvement in alleged corruption and the trampling of the Civil Rights of Burt Newsome, a father of four … Continue reading Balch & Bingham’s Biggest Stooge: U.S. Senator Luther Strange

Alleged Co-Conspirators May Have “Hung Themselves”

The letter to AT&T looks like a deliberate and deceptive tactic to impede justice, to hide evidence, and to protect the alleged co-conspirators. As the Newsome Conspiracy Case garners heavier analysis by outside groups, the alleged co-conspirators and their lawyers, including some Balch & Bingham partners,  have apparently become unhinged, as the insidious and eye-popping … Continue reading Alleged Co-Conspirators May Have “Hung Themselves”

We Were Wrong

Balch & Bingham’s manure lagoon is beginning to crack open. Since we began this effort to have Balch end alleged unscrupulous behavior and conduct a top-to-bottom review, we believed that Balch & Bingham’s alleged involvement in the Burt Newsome case may have been limited to professional misconduct and defamation, when a partner at Balch regularly … Continue reading We Were Wrong