Wall Street Analysts Learn about Possible RICO Suit; Targeting of Children

From Credit Suisse to Wells Fargo Securities, top analysts covering Southern Company are learning about the possible civil RICO suit involving Southern Company because of their sister-wife relationship with embattled law firm Balch & Bingham.

Analysts learned that Southern Company’s subsidiary was one of the founding members of the entity that funneled $360,000 in bribes to corrupt politician Oliver Robinson. Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert was convicted for bribery and money laundering in the scheme.

In addition, analysts learned about how Robert M. Ronnlund, the spouse of a Southern Company subsidiary executive, was involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case and may have engaged in alleged criminal obstruction of justice and alleged alteration of evidence.

More vividly, the analysts learned how poor African-American children were used through free coat drives to peddle the repugnant objective of not having their family’s toxic property tested, an effort spearheaded by Gilbert and his paid lackeys.

Neither a bull nor a bear could stomach that reality.