Week 2: Winners and Losers


  1. Burt Newsome: The incredible testimony about the handing-off of a confidential GASP presentation and the web of agents through the halls of political power show to what lengths Balch will go to adhere to its mindset of “ruining a rival,” be it GASP, the EPA, or Newsome.
  2. Steven McKinney: His defense attorney brilliantly separated him from Robinson and all the testimony by witnesses appear to have almost exclusively discussed Gilbert’s actions.
  3. GASP: Again a winner! The small public charity shook the political power structure to their knees, and agents and stooges spit out cookie-cut letters from ghost-writer extraordinaire Joel Gilbert.


  1. Balch & Bingham: The once-prestigious silk-stocking law firm appears to have used, abused, and burned powerful political connections in an alleged illicit operation they ran.
  2. Joel Gilbert: A bad week. A horrible week. And his mentor McKinney’s attorney looks like he made Gilbert the fall guy,  left to hang on his own.
  3. Trey Glenn: The current Region 4 EPA Administrator should be fired for being part of the scheme to suppress poor African-Americans from having their toxic property tested by the EPA (obviously done before he joined the EPA). As a hired goon of Balch & Bingham, he took the confidential AEMC presentation by GASP and gave it to Gilbert so commissioners could ambush GASP.