Week 1: Winners and Losers


  1. Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr.: He hasn’t done anything stupid yet to continue the injustice of the Star Chamber that only hurts Balch and Bingham partners.
  2. David Roberson: He is secondary in the testimony and Roberson’s former assistant testified she would gladly work for him again.
  3. Kyle Whitmire: His real-time reporting and tweets confirm what we hear. Kudos to AL.com reporters.
  4. GASP: The tiny health and environmental public charity irritated the powerful,  and Robinson was used to ask GASP carefully drafted questions and record his meeting with them.


  1. Joel I. Gilbert: The testimony from co-workers and clients, and invoice manipulation makes him look like Darth Vader.
  2.  Jim Kerr: The Chief Compliance Officer at Southern Company said he would do nothing about Balch’s misconduct in the North Birmingham matter. Testimony shows their subsidiary was more involved than previously thought because of Balch.
  3. Judge Carole Smitherman and her husband State Senator Rodger Smitherman: Both unopposed political candidates received over $30,000 in contributions at critical junctures of the Burt Newsome Conspiracy Case.  The senator sat in multiple secret hearings of the Star Chamber while she recklessly screwed over Newsome. The Senator is listed as a defense witness in the Balch/Robinson bribery trial.