Breaking News: Balch’s Star Chamber Disembowels Judicial System

Is Balch & Bingham really this stupid?

We knew the secretive Star Chamber would be used to hide alleged perjury, criminal conduct and other allegations of unsavory misconduct.

Now the secret veil has been ripped wide open at the same time as a criminal trial against two partners in the firm has started.

There are over 400 pages of horrific evidence in the Writ of Mandamus filed with the Alabama Supreme Court after Carole Smitherman refused to recuse herself as  presiding judge of the Star Chamber.

The following day after the Writ was filed, Judge Smitherman retaliated filing 44 orders trying to gut and disembowel Newsome.

Instead the Star Chamber and alleged miscounduct has disemboweled the judicial system in Alabama.

A gross miscarriage of justice probably seen as a glorious and triumphant victory by the idiots who let this happen, Balch & Bingham’s staunch defenders, most loyal clients, and trusted political allies will regurgitate in disgust as details emerge over the coming days.

Even U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his staff will feel butterflies as they read the evidence and alleged misconduct.

And Sessions and others will say, are they really this stupid?