Being the Best of the Best and not the Worst of the Worst

Yesterday, U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town of the Northern District of Alabama announced that 2017 saw the highest numbers of charges and highest percentage of persons sent to prison, according to a news report on

Tough on violent crime, tough on criminal immigration, tough on the drug trade, Town is also the one prosecuting two Balch & Bingham partners in the Oliver Robinson Bribery Scandal.

Town told, “One thing I’m trying to instill is that we are all prosecutors. We’re all engaged in the same mission. We’re one big team working toward common goals and priorities.” He also added, “So for the bad guys, the worst of the worst, we know who you are and we’re coming after you aggressively. All levels of law enforcement.”

Balch & Bingham, once a prestigious silk-stocking law firm, appears to have had a few bad apples and egos in the firm tarnish the name, their integrity, and community reputation.

Now, today, the management at Balch and Balch’s top clients must demand the best of the best from the firm and its partners.

What was done in North Birmingham, what was done to Burt Newsome, what was done to create the Star Chamber is abominable.

Although hard to swallow, Balch knows the unpleasant truth and appears to be changing course for the better.