A RICO Metamorphosis

The Newsome Conspiracy Case is in complete blackout.  As we begin 2018, we have no idea if the case is even in trial or if they have picked a jury yet.

But win or lose in the secretive Star Chamber, the Newsome Conspiracy Case could become a serious RICO case in federal court against the co-conspirators and Balch.

The RICO Act can be used against respected businesses allegedly engaged in a pattern of specifically identified criminal conduct. RICO is a wide net designed to catch all of the members of a criminal enterprise, including those who ordered, aided or abetted the illegal acts. An example might be an attorney who designed and helped to implement such an act although not directly playing a part in the act itself.

Racketeering acts include bribery, the obstruction of justice,  tampering with a witness, retaliation against a victim, among other crimes.

With the questionable contributions to Judge Smitherman’s husband Rodger Smitherman, the foolish letter sent by a spouse of a Balch attorney that appears to be an intentional obstruction of justice, the alleged tampering of Verizon data and internal information, and the obvious retaliation against Burt Newsome, the elements appear to be in place to file such an action.

And with two partners indicted for bribery, a website cover-up tied to a questionable Russian-linked aerospace company, and a billing scandal in Mississippi, a pattern begins to emerge.

Will Feaga bring an end to the Newsome metamorphosis?