Will Prosecutors Now Take a Closer Look at Balch & Bingham?

The Alabama Political Reporter wrote about our site yesterday morning, driving traffic to our site up at least 250%.  Besides law firms, we received identifiable traffic from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Alabama State Legislature, and several law enforcement agencies.

Alabama Political Reporter wrote:

[BanBalch.com] seems “to know much about Balch & Bingham’s internal activities. Someone’s spent a ton of money, to compile this information,” said a former federal investigator who asked not to be identified. “They have a specific goal… by pushing this into the public domain, they are daring prosecutors to take a closer look at Balch & Bingham. Whoever is behind this, they know more than what we’ve seen publicly.”

The CDLU is behind this site. We are a national public charity that has spurred three U.S. Congressional hearings, and numerous state and local investigations. Since 2001, we have worked closely with federal and local law enforcement to bring an end to unsavory, unconscionable, and criminal conduct.

Even after our fierce criticism, the CDLU has collaborated with some of our former adversaries to bring about robust and needed changes.